"Point Pass Speedway”

1961 - 1968


  “The place, where the champions used to race"

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On 28th February 1958 the Eudunda & District Car Club held its foundation meeting.

In March 1961, the Car Club committee approached the Point Pass Hall & Park committee and the Ngapala Cricket Club for permission to erect a 1/4-mile speedway on the Point Pass oval, to race go-karts on Saturday afternoons.

With approval, busy bees began at once to construct the track and a safety fence. The track consisted of dolomite, in an oval shape and was 440 yards in circumference. The safety fence was built with tyres, placed half in the ground, with timber rails bordering them.

The grandstand on the northern end was dismantled and was to be rebuilt at the start and finishing line, but this never eventuated.

In July 1961, a Point Pass Park Raceway Management Committee was formed to organise race meetings. All meetings were licensed under the Racing Drivers Association (RDA) of South Australia. An official of the RDA inspected the track and handicap marking was done. The club affiliated with the RDA for a fee of 10 Pounds, 10 Shillings.

Mr Ken Partington, the Point Pass storekeeper was the caterer. Catering boxes were located in the pits and pavilion with a variety of foods, including pies and pasties being sold.

Mr Spen Elliott of Eudunda offered his old school bus for officials to use as a Judges and Commentators box.

The first go-kart meeting was held on 22nd July 1961, with 62 entries for the day.

Go-karts lined up at the Judges Box for the Judging of "Best Turned out Kart". Photo taken July 1961.

(Event 1 at the start of every meeting was the judging of "Best Turned out Car & Crew")

As more interest grew amongst the locals, it was decided to upgrade the facilities so that the following additional cars classes could be raced:

     Micro-midgets – using engines up to 250cc capacity

     T-Qs (now Formula 500’s) - using engines up to 500cc capacity

The track was upgraded, with a higher safety fence being erected, consisting of eight (8) tons of sleepers placed on their side, 3 high, tied together with wire to posts that were placed in the ground. Most of the sleepers came from Port Augusta.

On some sections of the track, dirt was placed behind the sleepers to support them and also for improved spectator viewing.

In September 1962, lights were forwarded by the S.A. Gas Company for the track, to allow racing to take place at night. The gaslights were replaced by electric lights in January 1965.

motor_cycle.gif (183667 bytes)

Solo's racing with the Light's shown that were used. - Photo taken September 1965.

On 1st January 1965, the club’s name officially changed to Eudunda Motor Cycle and Car Club, so that the club was authorised to race solo and sidecar motorcycles on the Point Pass track.

From time to time, drivers from Adelaide would bring their Speedcars & Stockcars to give demonstrations to the spectators. Some of them were:

                       Ron Burns                Dud Lambert                Dean Hogarth 

The local Golden Fleece Fuel Agent, Mr Clarry Menzel used to deliver and sell racing fuel and oil to most of the riders and drivers at meetings.  

Over the years, the were various local businesses that sponsored events at meetings, but the “Golden Fleece Company” sponsored championship events and provided trophies, prize money and sashes.

These events included:  

      “1964 Australian TQ Championship” – 25 laps

      “1965 Mid North, TQ Championship” – 20 laps

      “1966 South Australian TQ Championship” - 20 laps

      “1966 Mid North Solo Championship” – 8 laps

      “1968 Mid North, T-Q Championship” – 15 laps

      “1968 Mid North Solo Championship” – 8 laps

Only 1 meeting was held in the 1967-68 season, which was conducted on 6th January 1968, which was the last meeting conducted at the track.

In season 1968-69 it was decided to cancel speedway racing because the financial return was unsatisfactory. There were no meetings in 1968-69 due to not being able to offer big enough prize money to attract top drivers, as the crowds that attended the meetings did not bring in sufficient gate takings to provide big prize money and subsequently interest waned.

This bought about the end of the club’s activities at the once popular “Point Pass Speedway”

The track was rated by many competitors as the best in South Australia, during its time.


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