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2014 - 50th Year Reunion of the conducting of the Australian TQ Championships - Planning

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With the success of the 40 Year Reunion, Adrian Menzel once again continued on his work from that reunion and in June 2012 he commenced to attempt to organise a committee similar to what was in place in 2004.

To assist with the organising of it, he created a Facebook Group.

Initially he approached the Point Pass Hotel Social Club again and they indicated that they really had no interest in it and suggested that it would be more appropriate to have people that had an interest in speedway and/or Motorsports.

In January he wrote and placed a editorial in numerous country newspapers requesting any persons who would be interested with the formation of a committee, of which he did not receive any replies.

It must be remembered that the people who organised the 2004 event were 10 years older and that now they were in their middle 70's.

So where to from here. After some thought and seeing that the Eudunda Show was being conducted on Sunday, 9th November 2014 he seen it as an opportunity to conduct it in conjunction with the show so he wrote a letter to the Eudunda Show Society and sought their approval to do so. In August he received a reply where they had agreed to do it and as a result of that he would become the "Promoter" of the reunion.

At the Show they have a marquee where they conduct numerous functions on the day which has seats and a PA system and they offered 30 minutes of use for the "Official" part of the reunion which will take place between 1:30pm and 2:00pm. It is planned to have a "Guest Speaker" to speak for 10 minutes and another person to "Open the Reunion".

Due to him being the Secretary of the 2004 event, he still had all of the records and contacts of those people who had cars & bikes plus the SA Classic Speedway Association and the SA Vintage Speedcar Association of which he contacted and invited their members to bring their cars and bikes for a display, hence it would be reasonably easy to arrange.

As none of the cars that were in the Placing's of the championships are still in existence and there has been numerous restorations of cars and bikes of the drivers of the Eudunda Club, he decided that those cars and bikes would be displayed on the oval and that any others would be displayed elsewhere within the oval/showgrounds complex. On the oval there will be 4 cars, 1 solo and 1 sidecar bike.

Update: As there is only a small amount of bikes and cars, it was decided to display all of them on the oval.

These 2 cars will be displayed at the Eudunda Show

E77 - Jeff Holding's car restored and currently owned by himself

E7 - Jim Reese's car currently owned by the Bichard Family

Further to this, an ex local resident of Eudunda, Mr Peter Stapleton who was the commentator at the Point Pass Speedway was contacted to be the Master of Ceremonies for the day and he agreed to do it.

There was some memorabilia left over from the 2004 reunion and this will be available to purchase on the day.

Memorabilia left over from the 2004 reunion which is available to purchase on the day.

Replica Programme of the 1964 Championships

Cost = $5.00

Programme for the 2004 Reunion

Cost = $5.00

Car Sticker for the 2004 Reunion

Cost = $5.00

Proposed Official Proceedings - 1:30pm to 2:00pm.

Welcome Mr Peter Stapleton
Apologies Mr Adrian Menzel
Point Pass Speedway History Mr Adrian Menzel
Guest Speaker Mr Scott McIntosh
Reunion Opening - On behalf of Iris McIntosh Mr Scott McIntosh
Questions by persons of the public Mr Peter Stapleton
Interviews - Brian Latz, Jeff Holding, Bob Holland & Keith Bichard Mr Peter Stapleton
Thanks Mr Brian Latz and Mr Adrian Menzel

The "Guest Speaker" is to be Scott McIntosh who does the flags at Speedway City and the Adelaide Dirt Kart Club and is the son of Trevor and Iris McIntosh. Trevor was a competitor and official in Speedway in South Australia and drove his TQ at the Point Pass Speedway. Iris originated from Robertstown and was the Secretary of the Club for numerous years and she met Trevor at the speedway and went on to become husband & wife. A request was made for Iris to be the person to "Open the Reunion", but she declined and suggested that Scott does it on her behalf.

Prior to the commencement of the Reunion the Promoter Adrian Menzel was advised that Bob Holland and Scott McIntosh would not be able to attend. Bob Holland had to go to another event that members of the SA Vintage Speedcar Club Inc. were attending on the same day and had to take a car for display, which was caused by another member of the club becoming very sick and could not take his car. Scott McIntosh also advised that he was sick and was not fit to drive a vehicle. This caused a few changes to be made, especially to the "Official Proceedings" of the Reunion.

This information was current to 9:00am Sunday, 9th November 2014.

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