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2019 - 55th Year Reunion of the conducting of the Australian TQ Championships - Planning

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Planning is underway for the 55th Year Reunion of the conducting of the first Australian TQ Championships in 1964 at the Point Pass Speedway.

With the success of previous Reunions, in 2004 - 40 Years, 2014 - 50 Years, Adrian Menzel once again continued on his work as a Promoter from that reunion and in June 2019 he commenced to attempt to organise 55 Year Reunion at the Eudunda Show on Sunday, 10th November 2019.

To assist with the organising of it, he created a Facebook Group.

Initially he approached the South Australian Classic Speedway Association and the South Australian Vintage Speedcar Association advising them of his intentions and they agreed to once again be part of it.

He also specially invited 3 car owner's that are friends of his being Trevor Mackreth of Ramco, Glen Catford of Hoyleton who both have Super Modified cars and Wayne Rowett who owns the ex SA15 TQ which was raced by Bruce Agnew.

At the Show they have a marquee where they conduct numerous functions on the day which has seats and a PA system and they offered 30 minutes of use for the "Official" part of the reunion which will take place between 3:30pm and 4:00pm. It is planned to have a "Guest Speaker" to speak for 10 minutes and another person to "Open the Reunion".

The cars and sidecar were located for a display near the old laundry & toilet block which was behind the new renovated Sporting Clubrooms.

A Map indicating where the Display was located.

Further to this, an ex local resident of Eudunda, Mr Peter Stapleton who was the commentator at the Point Pass Speedway was contacted to be the Master of Ceremonies for the day and he agreed to do it.

There was some memorabilia left over from the 2004 reunion and this will be available to purchase on the day.

Proposed Official Proceedings - 3:30pm to 4:00pm.

Welcome Mr Peter Stapleton
Apologies Mr Adrian Menzel
Point Pass Speedway History Mr Adrian Menzel
Guest Speaker Mr Robert Elliott
Reunion Opening Mr Jeffrey Menzel
Questions by persons of the public Mr Peter Stapleton
Interviews - Graham Weckert & Allan Kleinig Mr Peter Stapleton
Thanks Mr Adrian Menzel

The "Guest Speaker" is to be Robert Elliott whose Father & Grand Father had an input into the Point Pass Speedway where they supplied an old School Bus which was placed on numerous posts and became the Official's and Commentators Box.

Robert also raced Go-Karts and in conjunction with a local Electrician, Mr Leon Reese built a "Stock Car".

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